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Joa Herrenknecht is a young female designer based in Berlin. She just started her own studio after working for high profile names such as Dror Benshetrit or Patricia Urquiola. Until now she didn’t collaborate with big companies but her projects are visible all over the internet. Flow is the name of her latest collection shown at Salone Satellite 2014. Her poetic style will surely secure her a spot in bigger booths next year in Milan. Now I would like to talk about this series of small tables called Mars and Pluto. It is hommage for Shiro Kuramata, the late Japanese artist/designer that decided to “freeze” delicate objects inside acrylic panels. Joa is using fine metallic mesh, copper and silver, that is a bit crumpled. The tabletop rest on slender ash wood legs. Discover more works by Joa Herrenknecht here.

Beautiful chick on two wheels. I couldn’t resist.

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Iris & June


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BE/GE / Josep Puy

Creation and Branding design for Beige, dedicated to personal hygiene 
products and body care. Nature-based products and aromas of plants, 
trees and other natural elements.

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The wearable tech is finally entering the fashion sector with this beautiful new device/watch made by one of the frontrunner of the health monitoring industry, Withings. Usually, their devices look more straightforward but this product goes in a totally new direction from an aesthetic point of view. Shaped by a group of French designers, Activité is a Swiss made watch that syncs with your smartphone through low energy bluetooth. That means it automatically displays the local hour, even when you travel abroad. Activité will track your activities also, obviously: steps (walking and running), swimming and sleep. It features a responsive glass. A light double tap will reveal your alarm clock. For waking up you can count on silent vibration. The device works with Health Mate app from the same company. I’m really looking forward to see this product on the market later this year. More details here: http://www.withings.com/activite/en-US

Inspired by the summer vibe. My latest mix


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